Featured Article - How to BackUp Your Android Phone

It seems as if there are an infinite number of ways to backup your Android device, and a lot of them are intimidating. Many pepole have been using apps such as Titanium to do this for years, but the problem with this approach is they required rooting your phone which is not recommended for the average user. At LGForum we love to give out simple, easy to follow advice and below is our best advice around backup, sync, and restore.

Recently Google has added Backup services built into Android which make restoring your phone much easier. And there are a slew of amazing cloud services to not only keep your phone backed up but allow you to sync and share files across many devices and computers to make life simple and stress free. USB is the "old" way, CLOUD is the "new" way of doing things...let's get started!

Apps Backup from Google Play Store

Google Play remembers all of your purchases. To re-install all of your apps, it's as simple as opening your Google Play Store app and navigating to "My Apps" where you'll see a list of all the apps you've ever purchased/downloaded. From there you can reinstall them. Amazon's App Store also has this feature if you choose to download apps via Amazon.


This is one of the top questions we get here on LGForum...how do I back/sync/restore my contacts. Once again simplicity is the advice we like to give out. Because we are talking about Android phones the easiest way to sync/backup contacts is by using Gmail which has native integration with Android and provides the best possible user experience. First if you are not using Gmail you need to import your contacts into Gmail, follow Google's directions here to do this. You can also use Google Sync to sync your contacts from your PC. If you have a Mac then check out this article. Once you have your contacts in Gmail then it's as simple as adding your Gmail account to your Android phone and they will automatically sync. The same advice goes for calendar, we highly recommend using your Google Calendar as your master calendar with an Android phone. There are many ways to sync other calendars to your Google calendar and you'll find directions on how to do that in the same Google help links provided above for the contacts.

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